The Journey of Life

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….And they say “A journey of thousand miles begins with a step” but I strongly disagree.

A journey of thousand miles begins instead with determination. How can a step be taken when it is not decided. Even if you are been forced under pressure to take a step,it is still the mind that decides to take the step before the body complies. Determination is a sister to the mind- they work hand in hand to have a fulfilled dream. None can work without the mind,it is the mind in which decisions are taken,, it is the mindset that determines what to do and not to do.

Therefore ,I conclude with a disagreement on the popular saying ” The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Step”. Instead I believe a journey of a thousand miles begins with determination. Think about it!



The Journey of Life.

Life is tough but with God in it as the going gets tougher the tougher gets going .Think about it! Life can never be smooth to all.imagine I was rich and you were rich and we were all rich,how boring the world would be.


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All the five fingers we have ain’t equal,some are long,others almost close and some are short. Depicting the various characters we have in life. Don’t try to think about it! Just let it be. You might think your situation is worst and no one is suffering  more than you are,travel and see and you will realise God has been good,Sunshine and evening star,Life is a symphony.

If you think your situation is worst and no one is suffering more than you,travel and see and you will realise God has been good .Sunshine and Evening Star,life is a Symphony.

You can make a difference, keep shinning,trying,blending, you can’t change the world,you just a conductor! Start the bus and the lots will follow and together you can make a difference, don’t wait for a brother to begin. You can also begin and together everything will spark bright.

Be the bus driver always,make sure your attitude influence others positively,with this, accolades shall be given to you on earth and a great reward from Heaven.




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you are  asked to Visualize what comes in mind? Do you close your eyes and in an attempt to see the unexisting,doze off into sleep? Do you or Do you imagine the hope of seeing the uncertain?

Visualizing to me is an art. The art of hoping for the uncertain. We are all entitled to visualising but the problem arises when we have to make a choice as to what exactly to visualize- the good or the bad? Life is made up of choices for this reason I would not choose for you which aspect of visualizing you should make. But as it is known to all,positivity is always the best!

Visualizing gives you hope. At least if you cannot afford to live in a mansion in real life ,you can live in one in your visuals .

Visualizing serves as an encouragement to you. Seeing that you look good in a mansion in your visuals,can encourage you to work hard to earn to live in a mansion in real life.

For me visualizing means taking a step forward from my world of being into my world of becoming where the impossible is always possible.